Proven Design. Trusted Quality. Refined Engineering.
Proudly American.
For over a decade and a half, PTR hasn't just been making weapons — we've been crafting legends.

Every piece that leaves our hands echoes the spirit of Aynor, South Carolina, underlining our profound commitment to precision, heritage, and quality. From humble beginnings, using surplus parts, today our heartbeats resonate in every part we manufacture, right here in our homeland.

This is more than just self-sufficiency; it’s a promise.

A vow that every firearm that carries our name is a testament to the unparalleled trust and respect the roller-lock system has garnered. With the symphony of cutting-edge technology, unparalleled craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication, we don’t just create; we perfect. We’re proud of our journey and inspired by the horizon, continually innovating for a brighter, safer tomorrow.